CEZANNE in Provence



“Cezanne was the father of us all.”

– Picasso

Paul Cézanne was born in the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence on January 19, 1839. A leading figure in the impressionist and post-impressionist movements, Cezanne had a profound influence on the course of modern art.  However, during his life Cezanne exibited little and it was not until the turn of the 20th century that the significance of his work began to be recognized.


CHATEAU NOIR by Bob Kessel

Provence was Cezanne’s country: he was at home there as nowhere else.  His sense of being grounded in so particular and so familiar a place, resonant with memory and emotion, caused him to concentrate much of his extraordinary pictoral intelligence there and to create from that landscape some of the most remarkable and original images in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century art.


CISTERN by Bob Kessel

In the distinctive country side around his native Aix-en-Provence, Cezanne found the images rich in natural beauty and in emotion that have since become synonymous with his art.  Cezanne created some of his most compelling images in the solitude of Provence, including not only landscapes painted outdoors but also portraits and still lifes. Throughout his career, Provence remained a constant source of strength in his struggle to master the means of artistic expression.  Other artists had come to paint the Provençal landscape before him but Cezanne made his corner of Provence uniquely his own, adopting motifs and view that convey a powerful sense of place.


QUARRY by Bob Kessel

In his mature work, Cézanne sought to realize a “harmony parallel to nature” by expressing the essence of the visible world through the use of color and reduction into basic, underlying shapes. His portraits are intense, penetrating studies of character.  Cézanne moved away from the traditional focalized system of perspective, and portrayed objects from shifting viewpoints. His “Bathers” (1898–1905) is the monumental embodiment of Cézanne’s visual systems and originality.


BATHERS by Paul Cezanne


BATHERS by Bob Kessel


Bob Kessel has created a new art series titled, “BATHERS” based on the works of Paul Cezanne. The pictures are available as limited edition fine art prints, signed and numbered by the artist. Contact Bob Kessel for prices and availability.

Bathers appear in the work of Cezanne in a series from about 1875. Until the end of his days, the painter did not cease reconsidering the topic. The characters multiply, new sources of inspiration are integrated, the composition becomes more and more complex. in all, Cezanne carried out seventy-four scenes of bathers in oil, watercolors or drawings.

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