American Icons art series by Bob Kessel

icons-miles davis-kind-of-blue-triangles-bobkesselKIND OF BLUE TRIANGLES (Miles Davis) by Bob Kessel

silver-marilyn-by-bobkesselSILVER MARILYN MONROE  by Bob Kessel

CHARLES BUKOWSKI (Sadder Budweiser) by Bob Kessel

icons-elvis-by-bobkesselFAT LINES, SKINNY ELVIS by Bob Kessel

MARLON BRANDO (The Wild One) by Bob Kessel
Marlon Brando, pictured here in motorcycle hat and jacket
in the 1950’s movie , “THE WILD ONE”.
Brando is the leader of a motorcycle gang.
An old man asks him,  “Where are you going?”
Brando replies, “Going somewhere is for squares. We just go.”

icons-muhammad-ali-by-bobkesselMUHAMMAD ALI (Standing over Sonny) by Bob Kessel

seven year itch by bobkesselSILVER SEVEN YEAR ITCH (Marilyn Monroe) by Bob Kessel

icons-barbie-and-ken-bob-kesselBARBIE AND KEN by Bob Kessel

black-velvet-the-duke-bobkesselJOHN WAYNE (THE DUKE) ON BLACK VELVET by Bob Kessel

icons-kennedy-bob-kesselJFK: PROFILES IN CHIAROSCURO by Bob Kessel

washington-lincoln-gray-bob-kesselWASHINGTON AND LINCOLN by Bob Kessel

icons-jefferson-bob-kesselTHOMAS JEFFERSON AT MONTICELLO by Bob Kessel

icons-ben-franklin-bob-kesselBENJAMIN FRANKLIN AND THE LIBERTY BELL by Bob Kessel

icons-lady-liberty-bob-kesselLADY LIBERTY AND AMERICAN EAGLE by Bob Kessel

icons-indianhead-buffalo-gray-bob-kesselINDIAN HEAD AND BUFFALO by Bob Kessel